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The Laptop Repair Shop is a sister site to the Computer Repair Shop. With laptops becoming the norm, it seemed sensible to have a site dedicated to them.

When we started the company many years ago, a laptop was an expensive luxury mostly used by businesses. These days a laptop seems to be the preferred upgrade route when the computer gets too old or too expensive to repair.

We were one of the first in Northampton to start doing in-house repairs for power-jacks and component level soldering and have been doing these for many years now.

We hope we're known for our honesty and determination in giving the right repair. If we believe you're better off buying a new machine or using the machine differently, we'll always tell you.

cracked screen
Damaged screen

A damaged or cracked screen doesn't mean a death sentence for the laptop.

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Is the laptop getting excessively hot or turning itself off? We can fix that

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Laptop won't turn on

Laptop not turning on, don’t panic!
It's more common then you think

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replacement keyboard
Keyboard won't work

If some or all the keys are not working, we can repair or replace the keyboard.

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Flat battery
Not charging

Not charging is a common repair and
80% of the time done same day.

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new hinges
Hinge damage

Screen gone floppy or struggling to open/close the lid?

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