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Laptop Repair Shop

The Laptop Repair Shop is a sister site to the Computer Repair Shop. With laptops becoming the norm, it seemed sensible to have a site dedicated to their repairs, etc.

When we started the company many years ago, a laptop was an expensive luxury mostly used for business users. These days a laptop seems to be the preferred upgrade route when the computer gets too old or too expensive to repair.

We hope you enjoy the site, keep checking back as its always under development with new content being added all the time.


We have seen the transition from computers to laptops over the years and have been setting the trend for confidence in our repairs. We were one of the first in Northampton to start doing in-house repairs for power-jacks and component level soldering and have been doing these for many years now.

We hope we’re known for our honesty and determination in giving you the right repair, as this is what we strive for. If we believe your better off buying a new machine or using the machine differently, we’ll always tell you.