Here at the Laptop Repair Shop, we find that hinges become "faulty" over a period of time. Often due to a manufacturer's poor design, where opening and closing the lid stresses the plastic housing that holds a bolt.

Broken or loose hinges on your laptop may seem like a minor irritation, especially in the early stages. You should bear in mind that when you apply additional pressure to the hinge by opening/closing your laptop, you risk damaging them further, and that damage can easily spread to your screen, your case, and can even in some cases cut off the power jack wiring.

Getting the hinge looked at early may save you time and money before it gets really bad and turns into a major repair or rebuild, We pride ourselves on giving honest advice and we do not charge to inspect machines.

Turn around time

From a few hours to several days depending on the complexity of the damage/repair.

What will it cost?

Sometimes we just ask for a jar of coffee, but it really does depend on the complexity of the damage/repair.


Students, nurses or member of the emergency services all get...

10% off labour (as one day, we may need you)