Screen repairs

A damaged or cracked laptop screen isn't always a death sentence for a laptop. As you probably already know, the laptop screen is one of the most fragile components and can be damaged by being dropped, sat or stepped on, etc, it's rarely not repairable.

 If your laptop is old (8-9 years) and has a screen crack, it may not be economical to replace it and a new machine maybe a better idea (we'll tell you this when we've seen it).

On newer laptops however, we can replace the laptop screen to quickly and correctly make it as “good as new”. We keep the most common screens in stock and if required, can have it done in an hour or two.

Turn around time

Same day for screens in stock
Next day for non std. screens
5-7 days for unique screens

What will it cost?

Prices start from as little as £65.00
(all prices include parts, labour and V.A.T.)


Students, nurses or member of the emergency services all get...

10% off labour (as one day, we may need you)